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Fairborn was founded in 1975 and is dedicated to the efficient production of the industry's highest quality products. This commitment to excellence ensures our customers maximum value. Fairborn's goal to maintain our position as the industry's most cost effective manufacturer of the highest quality products has enabled us to become one of the Nation's largest producers of Dock Seals and Shelters. Our experienced sales, engineering and management staff ensures our success in providing units designed to suit our customer's specific needs.

Fairborn U.S.A. is committed to the continued development of Dock Enclosures to suit our customer's specific needs. Within the last few years, Fairborn has been granted ten (10) Patents on products that have proven to satisfy our customer's requirements.

Four basic elements are required to ensure a quality Dock Enclosure project:

Proper Unit Application
Quality Products Made With Premium Materials
Quality Installation of the Product
Continued Product Support

With the commitment of our nationwide representative network and Fairborn's trained personnel, we achieve these four basic elements while ensuring our customers the highest quality result!